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An ETA small business training class for Spanish speakers.



The Greater Cincinnati Microenterprise Initiative (GCMI) is proud to have just completed our second Entrepreneurial Training Academy (ETA) small business training classes taught entirely in Spanish.  The 8-week, 10 class course titled “Mi Negocio- Introduction to the World of Business” was the first of its kind in the Greater Cincinnati Area.  This class provides business education for new start ups and established business owners. 


Training sessions include:


Starting Your Biz

This session will cover legal structures of Business, the process for starting and registering your business in Ohio, and other resources available to you when starting your business.

Exploring Entrepreneurship/Self Assessmen

This class is designed to help you get started in furthering your dream of entrepreneurship by helping to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to gather information necessary to develop your business plan.  You should begin to see how the building blocks for successful entrepreneurship come together.

Connecting Your Business to Your Market

Understanding how to connect and network your business is critical to your success.  This session will offer tools to use, resources to tap into, as well as introduce skill s needed to market your business.

In addition to these classes GCMI also provides a better understanding of how to navigate the various business systems and resources available to them.