Business Plan Evaluation is one of the most critical steps in any start-up business.


Business Plan Evaluation. Our Business Coaches can review your business plan, critique and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. GCMI can provide feedback as you develop each stage of your business plan. For existing businesses that are changing and developing their current business plan, this is a great opportunity to have our team support its development.

Navigating the obstacles that new business owners face within their first year takes support from various sources. No business is complete without a business plan evaluation. Many entrepreneurs have innovative ideas that need to be transferred to paper. A business plan serves as a road map to success!

GCMI tries to simplify the evaluation process to target specific areas. It is an important process to put your thoughts in writing and to capture important information about your business or potential business. The business plan is the end result of the process and finding support early will provide a less stressful, more efficient, organized process.

Please remember all lending request must have a quality Business Plan.